Vindication Swim

Justin is delighted to be joining the cast of ‘Vindication Swim’, a biopic feature film about the first British woman to swim the Channel.

Directed by Elliott Hasler, the feature film is currently in production in Sussex. Justin will play Leonard Clay, a coach of Mercedes Gleitze.

“Swimmer Mercedes Gleitze fights, along with her troubled coach Harold Best, to overcome both the cold waters of the English Channel and the patriarchal society of 1920s England. However, after a rival comes forward claiming to have accomplished the same feat, Gleitze is forced into a fight to retain her record and her legacy.”

More information can be found at here.

The Lockdown Hauntings

Justin has just finished filming for award-winning director Howard J Ford’s latest film, set in lockdown. Justin plays Detective Alex Briggs. Below are some stills from the film, with thanks to Howard J Ford. The project is currently working under the name #TheLockDownHauntings with a cast dispersed over England, Europe and the US, including Tony Todd (Candyman, The Crow, Night of the Living Dead, Final Destination), Anglea Dixon (Never Let Go), Jon Campling (Harry Potter, Final Fantasy) and Heather Peace (London’s Burning, Silent Witness, Waterloo Road).

Copyright Howard J Ford 2020
Copyright Howard J Ford 2020
Copyright Howard J Ford 2020
Copyright Howard J Ford 2020

The Eastern Front Released

‘The Eastern Front: The Point of No Return’ from Director Rick Roberts is released today in the UK on streaming and DVD. Justin plays Aleksy, the father of one of the protagonists.

Safe Sets Training

I just completed this training for best practice on set through Safe Sets International. It’s well worth doing, free, and can be accessed here:

Agency Advert

I’m delighted my voice made it into the VoiceFox Agency poem ‘Two Metres Apart’, which is being distributed on social media.

Can you hear me? I’m towards the beginning of the poem!