Justin with John Locke at the screening of ‘Vindication Swim’ at CINECITY Brighton
Self Portrait, May 2020
DI Peter Hector in Howard J Ford’s ‘Adventure Boyz’ Photo Credit: Neil Garrett
Francis Davey in ‘Jamaica Inn’, a music video for Danze Macabre
Behind the scenes of ‘Drunk History UK’ for Comedy Central
Playing a doctor in Ben Grace’s ‘Antelope’
Henry Bowers in ‘Drunk History UK’ for Comedy Central
Brian Cundey in A D Lane’s ‘Invasion of the Not Quite Dead’
The Robber in James A Allen’s silent short film ‘Silence in Court’
Coach Toby in ‘The Stripper Who Had No Face’
Jim Hacker in ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ at the Underground Theatre, Eastbourne
Mr Badham in Gage Oxley’s first feature, ‘Beneath the Shadows’
Playing James Monro in ‘The Scowling Dusk’ Trilogy