Vindication Swim marks completion with Blue Plaque for Mercedes Gleitze in Brighton, New Poster

A new promotional poster for Vindication Swim by Relsah Productions, marking the completion of post production on the project at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea in January 2022.

Relsah Films, the company behind the up-coming Mercedes Gleitze biopic ‘Vindication Swim’, released a new promotional poster to coincide with the completition of post production on the epic, three-year journey to complete the film.

Justin plays Mercedes’s coach – or one of them – Leonard Clay, who attempts to help her achieve a significant milestone; to be the first British woman to swim the channel.

Celebrating the achievement of completing the film with the new poster coincided with the unveiling of a new blue plaque dedicated to the life and charitable work of Mercedes in Brighton. Elliott, the director, and some of the cast and crew, attended the unveilling today.