FrightFest 2021 welcomes Are We Monsters with critical acclaim

Julie Edwards Photography: FRIGHTFEST 2021 AT CINEWORLD LEICESTER SQUARE &emdash; Seb Cox and Cast

The number one UK horror film festival FrightFest hosted the worldwide premiere of Seb Cox’s Are We Monsters with the audience and critics widely praising the folk-horror coming of age feature positively.

Some initial reviews said of the film:

“Visually striking werewolf fairytale offers mannered, mythomanic rites of passage.” VODzillaMag

“Alluring and ethereal, Seb Cox’s Are We Monsters is a beautifully made love letter to that special branch of fantasy films that places thoughts and feelings at the forefront of the magic. Also featuring some stunning animation and a brand new idea for what a werewolf can be, Are We Monsters is a resplendent debut.” The Hollywood News

“Playing more as a coming-of-age tale than a horror film… that manages to hold the interest throughout.” Starburst Magazine

“Seb Cox’s Are We Monsters stretches its resources imaginatively – in an overworked sub-genre, it definitely comes up with things you’ve not seen before.” Kim Newman

“There is plenty to enjoy and at less than eighty five minutes, the time flies by. For werewolf fans this is an absolute must-see.” Nerdly